About Us
A Remuda is a herd of horses from which ranch hands select their mounts. The word is of Spanish derivation, for 'remount' i.e. "change of horses" and is commonly used in the American West. The person in charge of the remuda is generally known as a wrangler. 
By covenant, every homeowner in Remuda Ranch Estates may own a horse or two, or now even a cow. How many depending on the size of his or her property. Most here don't own any, which is just fine, and no one can claim to being a wrangler.
Located in far east Parker County off White Settlement Road, Remuda Ranch Estates is where rural Parker County allows residents to escape the Fort Worth madness.
Driving through the sprawling, hilly neighborhood, established around the mid-1970s, it is a quiet and well-kept unincorporated subdivision. One way in - one way out.
Most of the approximately 215 to 220 families own larger brick homes on several acres. Many homes have a suburban feel with smaller acreage and a neatly trimmed yard and shrubbery. Other properties have larger plots and plenty of vegetation and trees, creeks and hills hiding much more of the home.
The subdivision has three recreation areas, including several marked, wooded trails.
Some residents have lived there since the mid-1980s, while others are more recent additions still learning the road names, all of which have a Spanish flare. Very few lots remain for new home construction.
A well mannered, yet watchful HOA enforces admittedly outdated deed restrictions and covenants, but utilize emboldened county and state laws to maintain a well kept yet casual neighborhood feel.
Wildlife is abundant with deer, coyotes, raccoons, possums, all varieties of birds, including a fleet of nocturnal owls defending their territorial borders through nightly hoots. Bobcats have been observed and some will testify to spotting an occasional wild hog, which others believe non-existent.
All in all it's a good place to live, to raise kids and even retire.